Boxes of cardbordeaux wine in Lauzun France


According to Urban Dictionary, Cardbordeaux is “the classy term for cheap, boxed wine.”

I noticed a lot of people drinking “cardbordeaux” when I arrived in France as a first-time visitor. But because I was based near the famous vineyards of Bordeaux, I quickly learned this boxed wine is the good stuff.

My Cardbordeaux is about everyday life in and around the tiny, medieval village of Lauzun. I brought a bicycle with me from Canada, so Cardbordeaux is also about cycling the surrounding rural roads.


  1. Prologue
  2. Bells, baguettes, and bread pudding
  3. Cycling from Miramont to Lauzun village
  4. Cycling to Macaire and Queyssel chapels
  5. Cycling Castillonnes and the Dropt River Valley
  6. Cat Friday and the pellet stove
  7. Winter flower garden, with cat toy
  8. Smashing sticks with the local Morris dancers
  9. Gut feelings, travellers’ instincts, and a yellow umbrella
  10. “Moelleux” is sweet, er, soft white wine
  11. Roland Rouchon, today you made me cry
  12. Cycling to Monbahus village
  13. “Armagnac” is a brandy like Cognac, but not whiskey
  14. For Sale: 12-bedroom French maison for the price of a worn-out Vancouver condo
  15. The killer trees of Bournel
  16. A Canadian Thanksgiving in France
  17. Cycling to Daniel’s farm
  18. Champagne, chips, coffee, and cèpe at the Café de Pays
  19. Cycling to St-Sauvetat-du-Dropt village
  20. Double spinach cheese and onion quiche
  21. St-Maurice, an 11th-century sod village
  22. Soupy Tuesdays bring together friends and fowl
  23. “Vide grenier” is a car boot jumble swap garage flea market sale
  24. Cycling to Villebramar village
  25. Mimi, murals, and the MFR in Sérignac-Péboudou village
  26. The Blue Screen of Death: an odd source of gratitude
  27. Christmas in Lauzun: mulled wine, mince tarts, and madness
  28. Cycling the Canal de Garonne
  29. Cycling to Lac de l’Essourou
  30. Martin Walker’s Sarlat village in the Dordogne
  31. The story of Cat Friday, reported in Le Républicain
  32. Goodbye Lauzun, hello Bordeaux
  33. What I love about Bordeaux (it’s not about the wine)
  34. Paris for a week, Paris for a rest?
  35. An art walk in Paris with Picasso, Warhol, and Vuitton
  36. A photo art walk in Paris with Barbey, Halsman, and Dali
  37. Epilogue