Grey, white tree in front of grey, white wall in Lauzun, France

The killer trees of Bournel

(Silly tree, it thinks it can camouflage itself as a wall.)

Last night on the way to Morris Dance practice with Les Tartes de Pomme, one of the dancers told me that the stately trees that line the road to Bournel village were planted by Napoleon’s troops. The government wants to cut the 200-year-old trees down because too many drunk drivers hit them.

French campaigners up in arms over plan to chop down Napoleon’s roadside trees — Independent, March 2015

The killer trees: A wrong-headed campaign against roadside trees — The Economist, February 2004


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4 thoughts on “The killer trees of Bournel”

  1. Hi Ulrike,
    Maybe it is a combination of 2 things. There is a serious illness what make these Platanes die. The famous canal du Midi had on both sides these big Platanes, but now there is a large stretch without these trees, because they are dead.
    It could be that the Mairie [Mayor] decided to cut these trees, because they are already on the ” deadlist” ? Now or in a dozen years ?


  2. English is not my native language , so I try to explain what I’m thinking:
    These trees are going to die or suffer in maybe a decade , so it is possible that the Mair is thinking : These trees have to go down, now or then. And if they are cut down now, it is going to save a few more lives of those ( irresponsible) drivers. That could be the combination.


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