Cycling to Villebramar village

It was tough packing a decent ride into a busy weekend here in the village of Lauzun, but I pulled it off.

Friday: Bang drums with the Lauzun Morris dancing troupe at the monthly First Friday Folk. Saturday: shop at farmers’ market, then join fund-raising dinner and quiz with the Lauzun cricket club. Sunday: drop by the vide grenier market in the morning, and then cycle as far south as I can before it gets dark.

Saturday performance in Lauzun, France
Local children dance the zumba and then pass the chapeau for a fund-raising event at the weekend market in Lauzun, France.

My goal for this half-day ride is the delicious-sounding town of Tombeboeuf, a mere 15 kilometres south of Lauzun, one-way.  In the village of Montignac-de-Lauzun, I roll up to a fork in the road and choose the road less-travelled.

Crossroads at Montignac-de-Lauzun

The day is mild, sight lines are good, and traffic is non-existent.

Pastures north of at Montignac-de-Lauzun
Pastures north of Montignac-de-Lauzun, France.

When I intersect road D227, I navigate a zig-zag to stay on barely-there minor roads. I discover that I am on a ridge, and vistas of orchards and valleys roll out below me for kilometers.

Orchards north of Montignac-de-Lazun
Orchards north of Montignac-de-Lazun.

A short, steep climb rewards me with a beautiful hill-top village called Villebramar. The village draws travellers with a funky bistro called Les Ganivelles with an outdoor deck. Unfortunately it’s closed, but I make a mental note to ask my hosts Ian and Sue if we could return there for a nice, sunset dinner.

Les Ganivelles bistro in Villbramar, France
Les Ganivelles bistro in Villebramar, France.

I lean the bike against a pole and take a look around. There’s a water feature with big, healthy-looking gold fish. It really looks like a nice place. I have to laugh when I see the chickens looking very relaxed at the bistro’s kitchen door.

Chickens at kitchen door in Villbramar, France
Chickens at the kitchen door to Les Ganivelles in Villbramar, France.

I follow increasingly-obscure side roads until I pedal what looks like a farm’s drive way. But once again, what looks like a private lane is a through-route. This one drops into a lovely valley surrounding Loubet lake. The climb back out of the valley is steep and loose, but my cyclocross bike has a triple chain ring up front, plus I’ve climbed a few logging roads—fully loaded with touring gear—back home in Canada.

Rough road west of Lac du Loubet, France
Rough road west of Lac du Loubet, France.

The shadows are getting cold and the sun looks lower, so I pass on Tombreboeuf and instead make a beeline back towards the village of Laperche. I’m worried about running out of light on these tiny roads.

Out of Laperche it’s another fantastic ridge ride, and it feels downhill most of the way back into Lauzun (even though I know it’s not).

Treeline near Laperche, France
Treeline near Laperche, France.

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