Cat Friday on Lauzun France fence photo by Ian Cook

The story of Cat Friday, reported in Le Républicain

Cat Friday is now a media darling.

Sue bought three copies of the Le Républicain newspaper at the Netto store, and when I asked her why she flipped to page 3, pointed to the bottom right corner of the page, and said, “That’s why!”

It was a photo of Friday, the little black cat who I had been cat-sitting over the winter here in Lauzun, France.

"Friday chose her home" reads the headline in Le Republicain newspaper.
“Friday chose her home.” Ian Cook recounts how his cat Friday won his and Sue’s hearts in Le Republicain newspaper.

The article tells Ian’s story on how he and Sue didn’t think they could have a pet because they love to travel. But one rainy evening after the village’s monthly First Friday Folk night, they found a tiny black kitten trembling in a gutter. The kitten’s fur was matted and crawling with fleas and Ian and Sue said they would just take her home for the weekend.

They named her “Friday” because that’s the day they found her.

However, a year and a half later, Friday is still with them. The story ends with Ian saying that they are so attached to the little cat that when they decided to go for a six-week trip this winter, a friend (me) came to their house just to keep Friday company!

On a sad note, neighbours here in Lauzun tell me that abandoning a pet is all too common. People either leave litters of kittens and puppies in gutters or near public markets; or they move away and simply leave them behind. There’s a bit of a contagion of loving, house-trained animals coming home to find it suddenly abandoned—their owners have either left the country, or found it too inconvenient to continue looking after it.

Luckily, many of the people I’ve been in contact with adore animals, and—like Ian and Sue—have taken in an animal, or two, or three, that someone has left behind.

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