Black cat Friday sitting on tourist map of Lauzun, France


Last winter I bumped into fellow travel writer Ian Cook and his wife Sue O’Rourke on a quiet laneway in the Indian village of Fontainhas, Goa. They asked if I’d be willing to stay at their chateau east of Bordeaux, France and take care of their cat for a few months.

“It’s a medieval village called Lauzun with a castle, bakery down the road, a café, British ex-pats, village markets, fruit orchards, and an amazing network of rural backroads for cycling,” Ian suggested, “And our cat Friday is really cute…”

“Hey,” I replied, “You had me at ‘chateau.'”

I created this blog so you can share the adventure: the stories, the photos, and cycling maps of the Aquitaine region of southwestern France.

Cardbordeaux: The classy term for boxed wine. — Urban Dictionary

About me

Ulrike Rodrigues on a SYM Symba Honda Cub at Horizons Unlimited 2014

I’m Ulrike Rodrigues, a writer and rider based in Vancouver, Canada. I’ve blogged about living and cycling in Goa India; riding the rails with a folding bicycle; travelling 2000km around western Canada on a 100cc motorbike,  and the journey of suicide.

I write about two-wheeled and independent travel because more girls and women need to hear that it is okay to be curious and adventurous.



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